Dev Log #2 Trees & Map Update

A quick holiday update to wish everyone a happy new year! Let’s hope for a great year ahead.

Now to announce some of the latest changes in the game….

Tree Interaction & Item Pickup

First of all the item pickup system and trees are coming along nicely, so far the following trees have been added:

  • Lemon Trees (can’t forget those)
  • Avocado Trees
  • Bay Leaf Trees
  • Orange Trees
  • Grapefruit Trees

See how the trees look like in action in the below clip:

Map Updates

The map has been growing.. With many new areas of the city being built out, we have mostly completed the areas that will be most pivotal for the first release of Lemonade Stand Simulator. Check out some of the previews below:

Please keep in mind that Lemonade Stand Simulator is still in very early stages of development and much can still change, the map is not complete and some areas may look unfinished because they are.

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