Latest Game Updates:

Dev Log #2 Trees & Map Update

A quick holiday update to wish everyone a happy new year! Let's hope for a great year ahead. Now to announce some of the latest changes in the game.... Tree Interaction & Item Pickup First of all the item pickup system and trees are coming along nicely, so far the...

Dev Log #1 – Beginning of a Journey

I'm excited to be writing the first dev log for Lemonade Stand Simulator Game! I want to pull the curtain back on the game development process, and do it very early into the games development. Often it seems that dev logs start when there are some cool assets to show...

The Inspiration Behind Lemonade Stand Simulator Game

Every game has a story, a reason for its existence, and a passion that fuels its development. For me, the journey of creating the Lemonade Stand Simulator Game is deeply personal and rooted in my past experiences. The inception of this idea traces back to my high...

Lemonade Stand Simulator Game

Coming in late 2024!

Available on PC and Mobile. Perfect for casual gamers aged 8 and up.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this exciting journey to Citrusville!

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